Guard room


I am using the EchoVox System 3 on an Android tablet and phone using an external speaker. So far I have only had the chance to use it at two locations. Coal House Fort and Berry Pomeroy Castle. I found out about the application via my Uncle, who also has a long standing interest in the paranormal, when he started sending me sound clips.

What I discovered is what he was sending me was not great quality but sure enough you could make out what he initially perceived was being said. The problem was he had said in his messages what he thought he had heard, so did I hear it as some form of auto suggestion? So I started reading up on varying opinions on the web on what exactly was going on and I read about Audio Pariedolia and similar explanations but nothing concrete so I decided to try it out for myself.

Soon after I joined the Facebook page and downloaded the App. The community on the Facebook page are great and very helpful which I have found can be a rare quality these days online.

The first time I used the App was at Coal House Fort and at the time we seemed to be having good communication with someone or something at the site in various locations. However when listening back to the recordings at home some time later it is hard to pick out what was actually being said. There were some good snippets though having said that.

I have used the App at Berry Pomeroy Castle recently and have some good recordings which I need to load up in Audacity (if it ever works again in Windows 10)  to drill down and see what responses I got.

So what I am going to put here is what I have got so far using the application. I am going to avoid where I can putting what I think I heard so you can be the judge of that.


1. Shortly after starting recording I say “Hello” and there is a response.


2. Sounds like a female voice, captured shortly after turning it on.

Female 1

3. What is my name?

Man 1

4. I ask for a name.

Man 2

5. What is your name?

Man 3

6. Where did you used to live?

Man 4

7. Where did you used to live again.

Man 5

8. At the end of the session I say Thanks a lot and get a response.

Man 6

9. I ask if they are able to talk to me

Man 7

EchoVox is available here for Android: