27th November 2004

This was one of my first and still is one of the most enjoyable investigations with Paranormal Tours. The night started for me even before the actual investigation began.

Steven and I had arrived early to meet with the rest of the team, to set up and to have a bit of a rest before the long night began. We were booked into Room 1 and were chatting when I connected with an image of a serving girl dressed in a long black dress with a white apron and a white lace bonnet. She seemed to be carrying what looked like a tray or a bucket in her hands. The image was so clear that I could almost see her. Luckily I was filming at the time and did pick up a couple of light anonymities or orbs on film. Two of the orbs came from somewhere beside me and headed to the foot of the bed. The other one appeared from the arm of the sofa bed Steven was lying on and then disappeared. That was not the end of my connection with the serving girl, as you will read later on in this report. To be continued so to speak….

My first vigil was conducted in one of the bedrooms with Lee, another member of PT team leading the group. Steven decided to stay behind to join in with psychic workshop.
In this first vigil I caught several orbs on my camcorder. There was also a few times when the temperature dropped. This was especially noticeable around in the corner of the room by the curtains. We checked to make sure there was no draft coming from the windows and none was detected. James a member of the group was sitting on the floor in that area and experienced a strange sensation in his ears. Several members of the group all said that they saw flashing lights in the same spot.

When we returned from the vigil Steven told me about a spirit of an Irishman he had made a connection with during the workshop. The energies name was Patrick and he liked a drink or two and was quite a jolly fellow. He also said a few unsavoury words to Steven, which I will emit from this report. He was a friendly spirit though and didn’t wish Steven any harm.

As we were doing the walk round with the medium she stopped outside the room Steven and I were staying in. She felt drawn into there. I was coming down the stairs and was greeted by the sight of Steven barring the door saying there was nothing in there. It was so funny. On entering the room the medium made a connection with a female. As she started to describe her Steven and I realised that it was the same woman that I had connected earlier before we had even begun the nights investigation. The medium even the described the bonnet the maid had been wearing. She felt that there had originally been a corridor in the room (this was later confirmed by the owner of the Inn) and had the impression of maids rushing up and down carrying buckets. The maid had been picked on before by previous mediums visiting the room too. I was so amazed by this information as Steven and I had not mentioned my connection with maid to anyone, especially the medium. I was so astonished by this and the look on Stevens face was priceless. I think this was a major breaking point for me on my spiritual path and I felt as though I had turned a corner. During a vigil in this room Steven also connected with a woman called Margery.

My next vigil was in the cellar. Steven joined us on this one, which was quite fortunate as it turned out. As we entered the cellar we heard a loud gasping sound which made a few of us, including myself scream. We checked the area and decided it may possibly have been air being released from a refrigeration unit, which we then switched off .We all walked into the second part of the cellar that is connected to the first part by a short corridor. We had all just settled ourselves down in the dark when out of the blackness we once again heard a gasping noise again. It sounded as though it was in the room with us and right next to our ears. I’m afraid I screamed again. Lucky for us girls Steven was on hand with a calming voice. Sometimes it’s handy to have a big, brave man on a vigil. The puzzling thing is that the unit was switched off and when we played back the camcorder and the Dictaphone the noise sounded different from the first time we’d heard it. However the echoing in the cellar could account for the difference in sounds. To date this has been one of only two vigils that have caused me to scream out loud and I’m still more then a little embarrassed by it.
We all managed to get through the rest of the vigil with no more screaming or gasping noises. However the strange occurrences in the cellar didn’t stop until we actually left. Steven went up the stairs and tried opening the door at the top and found he couldn’t. We all thought he was messing around but he said then and also later to me that he honestly couldn’t open the door the first time but after a few attempts it opened ok. We also experienced a problem with the lights going off too.

My next vigil was in one of the bedrooms and there was a strong feeling of a negative presence that was felt in the area of the wardrobe. This was the room the Lee and Rachael, two PT investigators were staying in. Several of the group felt the energy while standing the area. Lee told us that he and Rachael had felt the same energy when they had checked into the room earlier.

We then conducted a vigil in the Stables bar. Several light orbs were caught on camera and seemed to respond to our calling out.
One orb appeared from the corner of the room by a Guinness sign and as I followed it with my camcorder it made its way across the room and disappeared into the bar behind the pumps. On dowsing we discovered that this was Patrick, the energy Steven had connected with earlier in the evening. He had popped in to help himself to a few drinks. The conversation with Patrick seems to become more incoherent as Patrick “drank” more Guinness. It was definitely one of the strangest dowsing sessions to date. During the dowsing session we also connected with a Frenchman called Le Parge too.

This was one of my favourite vigils to date and still is. Not only because I caught some good orbs on camera, many strong connections were made with several spirits, Steven’s Patrick and the maid with the bucket but also it was one of the few locations that actually scared my enough to scream when I thought someone had gasped in my ear. Still makes me smile when I think about it.

By Samantha J. Styche.

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