12th February 2005

I arrived at the Live and Let Live at about 9.45pm, Helen was already there and she introduced me to Lou the land lady who made us feel very welcome. Its a proper local pub consisting of one bar, a cellar and upstairs living accommodation. Before everyone else turned up I took the opportunity to chat to Lou about the place and found out a little of its history. She also told me there had been paranormal activity in the cellar and one of the bedrooms which were the areas to be investigated.
By 11pm everyone had arrived and Helen presented Lou with a lovely bouquet of flowers as a thank you for inviting us along which I thought was a nice touch. Some of us then had a quick look in the cellar where I took some EMF readings, there was a lot of electrical equipment down there causing electromagnetic fields but nothing unusual. After the pub had closed we split into teams to conduct vigils, Dave, Helen and myself along with Julia, Cody, Lee and Aaron started in the cellar while the others went up to the bedroom.

The cellar consisted of two small rooms separated by a large door, the second room is where the barrels are stored and had an air-conditioning unit blowing constantly which made the room very cold. Our vigil started at about 11.35pm when we set up a couple of trigger objects, a rubber mallet and a wrench, on cardboard and drew around them so we could see if they’d moved later. We then turned out the lights to see if we could pick anything up, as I chatted with Cody and Lee I saw an orb on my camcorder which on later inspection actually looks like a small insect flying across the shot. However when I asked to see another orb two faint ones floated across the screen, these could have been dust particles but it seemed strange they appeared on request. Shortly after this I did get an interesting looking orb that flashed briefly by Lee who was sitting on the cellar stairs. Aaron and Julia had a go with some L-rods which at one point both pointed to a corner of the cellar where moments before I thought I’d caught a shadow of a figure from the corner of my eye. It was this corner where Julia had once experienced a tap being turned off which is normally kept on. David picked up on horses and felt there used to be a nearby stables and also thought it hadn’t always been a pub. He told me he thought it used to be a butchers which amazed me because Lou had told me that it had been a butchers in the 1800s, Dave had no prior knowledge of the building and wasn’t present when Lou had told me this. He also picked up the name of the butcher as George Burrows and the date of his death as 1856. I also got two ‘whisp’ like anomalies on video appear over Dave’s right shoulder. At about 12.15am we noticed that the rubber mallet trigger object had moved. I checked my video footage later and had a shot of it just after 12 o’clock in its original position so it had moved sometime between 12 and 12.15 and no one had been near it. I didn’t feel anything myself while we were in the cellar but it was difficult to notice any temperature changes or anything due to the air-conditioning, we then went back up to the bar for a break.

In the bar Lou provided us with sandwiches and lashings of tea and coffee which was very welcome and much needed. As I chatted to Steven, Geoff and Sam I noticed a light travel along one of the wooden beams in the ceiling. I couldn’t see anything that could have caused it, no one had a torch on or anything like that and no one else noticed it. During the break Dave and Helen became aware of a Victorian policeman outside the door and a Victorian lady in dark clothes and hat. After the refreshments our team went up to the bedroom while the other team checked out the cellar.

The bedroom had a noticeable chill about it, after a short time the temperature did rise but I think this was because there was 7 of us and our collective body heat would have brought the temperature up. While the rest of the team started a vigil here Julia showed me the other rooms upstairs but didn’t pick anything up on video so we returned to the bedroom. Here we discovered that Dave and Helen had picked up on an old woman called Martha aged about 75 and the mother of George Burrows. They felt she died of pneumonia and picked up on an old fashioned bed warmer that could still be in the attic. The temperature in this room seemed to rise and fall throughout the vigil, I got temperatures ranging from 14.5ºC – 10ºC, these changes happened quickly and don’t think they could be attributed to the heating. Dave and Helen then made contact with an Elizabeth Burrows, George’s wife. They picked up on the horses again which had been frightened by fire they also picked up on hunting, Helen asked if Elisabeth enjoyed hunting and Dave replied “thats how we make a living love!”, we had to laugh at this little outburst and on reviewing my video an orb appeared in front of Dave as he made this remark. Then they felt that Elizabeth had murdered George and I got a sharp pain in the back of my head, Dave said that’s how she killed him with a cleaver to the back of the head in the cellar. They also got that she’d used a water tap in the cellar to wash away the blood. We then discovered they had four children, two girls called Rose and Mary, a boy named Tom and one that had died in childbirth. It also transpired that George had been abusing his daughters which is why Elizabeth had murdered him. They also felt that George had beaten Tom and Julia said that could be why her son’s wont sleep in that room. Helen felt that Tom had died of diphtheria and started to cough so much she had to sit down but she was fine moment later, Dave also had a saw chest. They also picked up that Elizabeth had been hanged in Guildford for the crime and made a connection with her and the figures of the woman and policeman in the bar, they felt perhaps this was the moment she was taken into custody. Shortly after this I started to feel my throat close up like someone was squeezing my windpipe! I felt that perhaps I was feeling the sensation of Elizabeth being hung, Helen also suggested that I could be experiencing Tom’s diphtheria. What ever it was I’d never felt anything like it before and found it interesting but, unusually, not scary! Towards the end of the vigil I started getting a lot of small orbs on the night vision video camera. As we left the room Dave and Helen both had uneasy feelings about the stairs, Dave also got the image of an anchor for some reason that he wasn’t sure of.

After the vigils we gathered in the bar to compare notes, The Psychic told us that as she went up the stairs she got a swaying sensation as though on a boat, Dave mentioned the anchor he’d seen and she said that was a symbol. She felt that the sensation was not connected with the sea but that the stairs were new to the building and had once been destroyed by a bomb perhaps. In the bedroom they’d picked up a male murderer who had been hung and the name Thompson. The spirit of the murderer apparently jumped into Sam causing her some distress and The Psychic had to do some rescue work on her and the room. Steven, Sam and Teresa will be able to give more information on this. I found it interesting that both teams picked up a murderer who had been hung in the bedroom although they seem to be unrelated stories. Its also interesting that The Psychic had cleared the room before our team had gone up there, were we picking on residual energy left over from this! Both teams got a lot of information some of which should be traceable. I did do a search on the Internet looking for female’s who’d been hung for murder in the area in an attempt to verify Elizabeth’s story, I found a site which listed all women publicly hanged in this country between 1800 and 1868, there were some 207 heres the link: http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/fempublic.html, after this female executions were carried our behind prison walls heres a link to women executed between 1868 and 1955: http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/femhang.html . Our Elizabeth should be on one of these lists but none of them were called Elizabeth Burrows and none were even hanged in Guildford. This suggests to me that our information was not accurate but perhaps we’ll be able to find some connections with further research. The other team then told us what they got in the cellar, they felt that it hadn’t always been as it was now and blood being washed away which fits with it once having been a butchers and matched some of the things Dave and Helen picked up.

This was an interesting investigation, for me the most impressive moment was Dave feeling that it used to be a butchers, he had no knowledge of the place and got this spot on along with a date that was of the right period. Also my throat closing experience was a high light for me, it seems I experience something different at every investigation I attend and, although I’ve still not encountered anything that’s convinced me of the existence of ghosts, it make’s me want to experience more.

I’d like to end with a big thanks to Lou and all the staff at the Live and Let Live for allowing us to investigate this great old pub.

By Simon Monk

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