2nd February 1998

Berry Pomeroy Castle

2nd February 1998

I first went to Berry Pomeroy Castle with a friend in 1998. It was after seeing a documentary called sightings on Sky TV. We experienced definite warm and cold spots as we walked through the ruins of the mansion walls and found the stair well that led down under the castle.

We both went down the spiral stairs and were faced with a wall as black as soot. You know when you look into darkness and it’s so dark you can’t make out if your staring at an open room or a brick wall. I didn’t even want to reach forward and see if I could touch it. We were down there very briefly as we both felt very uneasy and unwelcome with hairs standing up

We later found out that this was where Margaret Pomeroy was left to starve to death by her sister and has been seen numerous times walking the castle walls down into this room. The other interesting observation is since I have been on the internet I have seen a number of pictures of this room and the stairs and the room is well lit with a window with bars on it.

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