29th May 2005

This was our first visit to the castle with paranormal Tours and it is such an amazing site and so much has happened to the structure of the original building the most striking is the Theatre that Dame Adelina had built on to the side of the house. Sadly this had been booked out to an antiques fair the following day so we could not use this as one of the locations to hold a vigil.

So with our Medium for the night Rudi Unt we set off.

The first vigil we spent an hour in the summer house to the rear of the property. We seemed to get raps in response to questions which was interesting but also it could have been the summer house contracting as the night air cooled its frame. We moved into a smaller workshop/storage area to one side and heard a definite tap as something hit the barrels of paint. Could have been debris falling from the ceiling as the place was in a bad state of repair back then but again an interesting response to calling out. What we all did witness however seemed to be the partial apparition of a woman dressed in white staring out of one of the windows. She stood there for a good few minutes before fading gently away. She didn’t turn round just stood staring out of the window with her back to us. We went over to inspect the area after and could see no obvious cause.

Another vigil took us into the Blue Bar area. This was a quiet one with very little happening. We attempted dowsing and glass divination but they weren’t playing ball in there that night.

As we couldn’t get into the theatre we held a vigil under the stage itself. Here we attempted table tipping and we were all amazed at how responsive the table was. We believe we connected with Adelina using the table and went onto ask questions to which she gently rocked the table back and forth in response to. Ok I know the fact we believed we were connecting with Adelina could be put down to where we were located, our expectations and her massive presence in this house but it’s hard to describe in words. I’ve seen these tables bouncing round the room on previous investigations but this was such a gentle passive interaction.

I know Sam later had a vigil down here and they spent the hour sitting in a cupboard as they felt it was quite a negative area. It had felt negative during the walk around and we had heard tales of poltergeist activity in here and the stage above but we didn’t witness any that night.

During the vigil in Adelina’s boudoir we seemed to discover the tale of a child that had fallen from one of the windows using glass divination. I am sure I have heard this tale elsewhere but other than that no confirmation this had ever happened though the place was used as a TB hospital for a number of years and there were a lot of children on site. Though the impression I got was that this child was not linked to the hospital and would have been from a time before that.

Overall a really great night connecting with lots of different characters. We are coming back later in the year and hopefully will have access to more areas.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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