4th December 2004

Beverley Friary

In the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, or Humberside as it is known today, is Beverley Friary. Now a Youth Hostel the Friary has been many things over the years but most obviously a Friary originally.

The building is full of character and has had many modifications done to it over the years, as The Psychic  was quick to mention as she connected with the energies on at the site. Once again the full report can be found at Paranormal Tours website. What follows is Sam’s and my account of our time spent there that night.

After a long drive up the back of my old friend the M1 we arrived at the B&B and immediately I got the impression the place had once been a funeral Directors or something of that nature. Although it wasn’t confirmed I would put money on it. We were lead to our rooms by one of the staff and as we reached the top of the stairs I was drawn to the 2nd room on the Landing, which was Room 2. Somebody was in there and looking out from the darkness. I mentioned it to Sam and later on when we came to leave for the investigation I felt it again. Later at the site I mentioned it to Rachel and Lee and they too had the same gut feeling about the same room. When we came to leave the next day Nick received confirmation from the staff that an old man has been seen in room 2 and they often hear him making disruptive noises and being very active. So the night hadn’t begun and we were getting results.

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Anyway to the Friary, the building is set by the railway station and within the shadow of a magnificent church with amazing architecture. I mistook it for a Cathedral originally as it was of an equivalent size. Before we begun the investigations we were enjoying a break when I made eye contact with some body to the back of the team members I was talking to. They were quite tall and fair-haired and they darted to my right, which is where the toilets were situated. Finding this a little strange behaviour I made my excuses to pursue, as I knew this was a dead end and I would surely confront who ever it was. When I had got there nobody was around. Both cubicles were empty and there is nowhere anyone could have gone. So I couldn’t tell you if there female or male but they were tall and I believe fair-haired… We began the evening with some work in the grounds. We started by dowsing by a small area with some trees scattered around. Using the dowsing we managed to find between 25 and 30 energies in the area also we managed to confirm that there were bodies buried here at one point. The Psychic had also given this information and the staff confirmed it. To the rear of the property the dowsing rods were going like helicopter blades for members of the team. The EMF meter began to produce the goods as well and was registering very high on the scale. Everyone was getting excited as they seemed to be connecting with something outside and as they approached the drainage system it was getting stronger. We found out the EMF meter was going mad because the battery was flat and a replacement fixed this but they were working fine when the equipment was checked the night before so possibly a coincidence or possibly they were drained etc.

At this point I felt drawn towards a covered way which was quite modern and lead to an old peoples home at the back of the Friary. As I climbed the steps I got the song “under the board walk”. I have found that one of the ways my guide communicates with me is that he will bring a song to mind and it will have a lyric of significance. As it turned out The Psychic had earlier felt there was an underground tunnel in this direction so I figured it was his way of telling me where it was. “Under the boardwalk, down by the sea” Sometimes its quite straight forward but other times it takes a bit of thinking.

During a coffee break I got the theme from Dads Army from my guide. I told The Psychic this and she said it would have been used as an army base at one point due to its location. Shortly after The Psychic connected with a MR Brown who was connected with the Friary. There is a line “Mr Brown went off to town on the A21” so all very interesting.

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Our next vigil was in the men’s dormitory. In here we connected with a young lad called Robert Llewelyn who was about 12 years old we felt. I was getting the information through and the team were using rods and a pendulum to confirm the answers. I got the impression Robert was an orphan taken in by the Friars to be educated and also to work the house. We didn’t discover why he passed over.

The next room we did was known as the museum and I personally found this room a little inactive but Sam was connecting with a figure in the fireplace that she believed was a monk or friar. The Psychic also had connected with this energy earlier and Sam was pleased when The Psychic told her after.

There was one room called the porch which everyone kind of felt something in there. I must admit I felt fine however and could have quite happily spent all evening in here. It was dark and tiny and cold but other than that ok. What The Psychic had connected with was a young girl who had just screamed as she entered the room. It seems she was held captive in here and gone mad towards the end. The chains bound her to the wall and she could only travel so far. A lot of other people including Sam felt very uncomfortable in here and I was feeling a little left out at this point as I was getting zilch. During one of the vigils this room was seen to light up at one point by the group outside. Nothing to extra ordinary about that apart from the fact the room was locked with a motion detector and a walky talky on vox sitting beside a trigger object. If anything had gone in that room it would have to have broken in, got by the motion detector, climbed over a bed, opened the curtains and pulled up a black out blind after turning on the light on. This would have to have gone unnoticed also by the group holding a vigil in the adjoining room. When we listened to the Dictaphone there is some noise in the room after it was locked which was interesting as well. So a little puzzler for us that night.

Our final vigil was in the ladies dormitory. Sam and I connected with a little girl called Juliet. She was about 6 or 7 years old possibly younger. What was interesting is we asked the team to all think of a nursery rhyme and we asked Juliet to tell everyone what her favourite rhyme was. When we went round the team I think it was 6 out of the 8 people picked “ring of roses” and one person got “Baa baa black sheep” So that was interesting. We decided to see if we could a reaction from her by singing the rhyme so at 5 in the morning we were all singing “ring of roses” just before we did this though I got what I felt was the message “I hurt my bottom when I fall on the floor” which made me smile as that’s just what kids do when they get to the line “we all fall down” We tried anyway but no bump.

What we did do though is to ask her to tickle somebody’s head very quietly and very shortly after members of the team were reporting that they felt like they had just had their head or arm tickled by something. So she was great and real fin to make contact with. The Psychic also confirmed that earlier she had connected with children in the adjoining corridors of the men’s and ladies dormitory so I’m guessing this was the Robert and Juliet we had made contact with.

So another great, varied and interesting night.

The Paranormal Tours full report can be found here.

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