4th September 2004 c

After a relaxing cuppa and a bit of time to soak up the atmosphere the night’s proceedings began. As this was Terry and Amy’s first event of this type they joined other “newbes” at the physic workshop with the two mediums John and Isabelle. This is a very interesting and useful way to learn more of the nature of spirit and also helps those who are new to this type of experience to prepare for the night ahead. Myself, Geoff, Steven and Chris and others who had previously been on PT events made a short trek away from the caves and up the hill for a spot of dowsing. Geoff and I made our way up yet another hill.

This paranormal stuff seems riddled with hills (See Chanctonbury Hill report). We set up beneath a tree, which turned out to be bit of a mistake as we were continually attacked by insects (whose bites I was still finding days later). We then began our dowsing session. Using my amethyst crystal I picked up a male between 30 to 40 yrs old. He had lived round the area and stayed there in spirit as he still had family there. He gave a positive yes when I asked him if had been a regular at the George & Dragon. He and his death had no connection to caves or the club. Geoff picked up on a young female, who was not a local to the area but had been somehow brought there for some reason unknown.

She wasn’t happy being there and knew how to leave but was reluctant to do so. Now I have to say Geoff is not a believer in dowsing and I don’t know who was more surprised him, or me that he was getting responses to his answers. I was pleased that he did get results from his dowsing though as this was his first time. After losing about a pint of blood to the insects, we made our way down the hill to tree with the fungus to see what we could pick up the there. I again picked up on a male, this time of about 19. I found I was getting some positive results until I asked about the nature of his death. That seemed to be subject he didn’t want to discuss as my pendulum stopped dead and I lost the connection.

Geoff also had a puzzling energy of a man who was confused about his age. His age started at about 90 years old then shot up to well over a 100. Then he claimed to be no older then 50. This is likely to be a case of a spirit playing around just for the fun of it.

With the dowsing sessions finished we all rejoined the rest of the group for the clairvoyance session with the two mediums’.

After another cuppa we began our first vigil at the Inner Temple with John the medium. As Steven has stated in his report the monkey for which we all had high hopes of taking a flier was firmly wedged into a pot so there was no chance of it taking a trip. However I think all of us there would agree we definitely felt a presence in the temple and I have to say it didn’t feel all that welcoming. There were also a few times when we all thought we heard noises of groaning and the temperature did seem to drop several times. The funniest incident though was when we first arrived at the temple and we were trying to solve the mystery of why the turned off motion sensors kept activating. All very spooky until we discover it was Spooky setting it of. (Spooky being Steven and his “lose your sight ” infrared light). Geoff caught several very clear orbs, two of which appeared at the same time and seemed to be fighting each other.

The second vigil was at the triangle and it was with the second of the two mediums, Isabelle. As Steven has stated Isabelle picked up on a man who was not all that pleasant and was very possessive of the caves and not all that co-operative. At this point during the night Geoff and I thought it would a good idea to individually spilt away from the main group that was with the medium have a have a bit of “quiet time” for solo vigils.

I wandered round the triangle filming footage for the up-coming DVD and in the hope of picking up on any other energies in the area (No luck I’m afraid). Geoff however set himself up in a particular corridor that he had previously been in and for some reason had felt a bout of unexplained aggression. Geoff sat himself down on his handy portable stool to commence antagonizing any resident spirits. I won’t elaborate on what he actually said but I believe he did question just how hard the ghosts thought they were and for them to possibly prove him wrong.

This proved however to be a little too effective. After hearing two distinct clicking sounds Geoff then felt a pebble land on his foot as if it had been thrown. This can clearly be heard on the camcorder footage but unfortunately not seen. The camera was pointing in the direction the stone appeared to come from, and the shot did cover the entire height and width of the corridor but the pebble was not seen on the playback. At this point Geoff’s usual nerves of steel gave way and he decided that this was a good time to rejoin the group. After hearing of his experience I decided that for the last part of our vigil at the triangle I’d sit at the same spot and try to wind the spirits up a bit. I was rewarded with an orb. I then decided to cut my losses too and quickly made my escape.

The last of our vigils was in the Banqueting Hall at about 1:30. As Steven has written in his report the group seemed possessed with a bout of frivolity, as Geoff put it. We all started larking around and playing about to the camera. I agree that it was rather strange behaviour in so much that given we nearly 300ft under ground in the early hours of the morning we should have all been becoming more tired and sombre, not livelier. We had all be relatively serious during the early part of the evening, a few laughs here and there but this part of the evening we all definitely appeared in much higher spirits. At one point during our time at the Banqueting Hall, I did a quick dowsing session, with Geoff filming. I picked up on a young 19-year female who was a resident of the area.

When I spoke to Steven about this he told me about the child that Amy had made contact with, who was looking for his sister. Without names it is too difficult to confirm, but had I picked up the child’s sister? We may never know.

With the night drawing to an end we had about half an hour left so we headed back to the Inner Temple to join other groups there to finish off the night. I think we all secretly hoped the monkey might somehow squeeze itself out of the pot for one last flying session, wishful thinking I’m afraid. As it had become rather crowded in the temple Geoff and I went back to the corridor where the pebble had been thrown to jointly pester the spirits. Apart from a few possible orbs nothing of note occurred.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, though there wasn’t as much activity as we’d had hoped. I feel it is quite possible that a combination of factors can product different results when it comes to paranormal investigations, i.e. the time of year, the mixture of people involved, the mediums present and the individual abilities are amongst of a few of the possible factors that can influence the results of any vigil.

By Samantha J Styche

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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