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Hell Fire Caves

Sam, Geoff, Chris, Amy, Terry and Steven took the marvellous opportunity to visit the Hell Fire caves with Paranormal Tours. After my last visit in June this same year I was a little unsure if going again would compare to our first investigation where we witnessed poltergeist activity in the inner temple. The night certainly had a totally different atmosphere and as dark and foreboding as the caves can seem at times there were moments where we were all in very high spirits and were even fooling around at one point in the banqueting hall.

After reviewing the footage it does seem that we were heavily influenced by something and I personally think we were all picking up on some of the festivities that had taken place here in the past. The night began with Sam, Chris, Geoff and myself doing some work outside of the caves on the hillside. We were given three areas to investigate using dowsing and also to see what we picked up on. Previously another group had been there and it would be interesting to see if a fresh group of people would pick up on the same thing.

As we were all separated I can only recount what Chris and I picked up on but I’m sure Sam and Geoff will be able to elaborate later in their account of the evening. We were given the bottom of the hill to start with and straight away we managed to pick up on a male who was in his 30’s. He was hung from the tree we were standing next to and though it was dead now and had fungus growing from its remains you could tell it was very old. We also picked up on the fact his wife was involved with the crime and also hung from the same tree. They had a child between them who was left behind and lived to die a natural death later in life. The two who were hung admitted they had committed a crime but felt the punishment in no way fitted the crime.

What was interesting however is the spirit male we were talking to had no knowledge of the caves and when we came to get a date when his life was taken it was in the 1720’s which was before the caves were excavated so it kind of fits that he would have been unaware of the caves at the time. After we felt we could get no further information we thanked the spirit and moved further up the hill to swap with the other team. Half way up the hill we sat on the path as under the tree was swarming with insects and having seen the attack on Sam and Geoff we decided the path was the better option. On the path we were getting somewhat rather strange results.


According to the results we were getting we had picked up on 10 spirits. When we asked how old they were we found they were over 150 years old. After further questioning we came to the conclusion that they were either having a laugh or were a little confused so we decided to stop asking and enjoy the view of the Dashwood estate. Speaking to Nick however after he informed us that where we were sitting was actually on a ley line and that the previous group had also been getting nonsense answers at this part of the site. So maybe it was the power of the ley line causing the mad answers or we were just attracting some mad spirit. Wouldn’t be the first time.

After a demonstration of clairvoyance from the two mediums for the evening, John and Isabelle, we set off for our first investigation of the evening. There was no messing about and we were headed straight for the Inner Temple. Upon arrival it struck me how familiar the site was becoming. After editing all the footage and countless pictures on a number of visits those eerie mannequins were almost becoming like old friends. I would like to emphasize the almost however… Nick came down with us to turn off the motion detector they had set up earlier and unlock the door.

As he was about to turn to leave the motion detector sprang into life and began making the alarm sound. Nick came back and reset it and turned off. As he was about to leave it sprang into life again. This happened a few more times and it was starting to get a little weird. What was turning it back on each time? We eventually realised that my new big fat infra red light was switching the box on and off. As I waved it across the line of site of the detector it turned it on. As I waved it past again I turned it off. Mystery solved Nick took the detector off so that we would get a bit of peace down there.

It was also something to note that these night vision cameras can effect appliances and it’s not always something paranormal that might turn a TV, stereo or alarm on. It could be the light from the camera turning the appliance on and off. We began the investigation with John the medium. The Temple was very quiet and didn’t feel anything like the last time I was there. The monkey was now wedged into the large brown vase and incapable of going anywhere.

The staff had said that since it had gone over it couldn’t stand anymore. There was reports of the smell of faeces and sick, this was something I recall Andrew picking up on last time and I thought to myself that maybe this was the start of something. Some of the team started to feel quite sick and really uncomfortable down there but not to the point where anyone felt they had to leave. It seemed just moving around a bit now and then managed to clear the atmosphere up. John picked up on some stuff and believed he was pushed forward at one point. He was crouching at the time however and in a dark cold place it could have simply been losing balance but without any further evidence we can’t say one way or another.

HellFireCaves_040904c HellFireCaves_040904b HellFireCaves_040904a

John did however pick up on a large group of figures wearing hooded robes almost looking uniform like gathering in the temple. This was interesting, as the brotherhood that gathered here was known for dressing as monks. As well as the ladies who gathered here were known for dressing as Nuns. This was partly as a fingers up to the religious institution at the time and also not to draw too much attention to the meetings. We also got some strange growling sounds as if somebody was clearing their throat and I heard somebody grunt as acknowledgement to what John was saying. Hard to explain what I mean but almost like an “uh-huh”

Last time we were here we got a very definite sigh EVP on review of the tapes so it was interesting we were hearing it as it happened so to speak and not on playback of a tape. The trigger objects, a crucifix on the table, remained untouched when it came time for us to leave.

Next up we were to investigate the Triangle. We were joined by Isabelle for this investigation. Almost immediately upon arrival Isabelle picked up on the spirit of a right old miserable man. He used to work in the caves and this was where he was happiest so had no intention of going anywhere else. He didn’t want us there and wanted us to leave him in peace.

He was very uncooperative and refused to tell us his name, the year or anything else. He did mention the name William when I asked who was the King of England. He also refereed to the owners of the caves as “nobs” which was quite amusing. Despite his initial aggression to us or anyone else being there he didn’t come across as a bad person just a bit of a loner. Whilst we were chatting to this soul I picked up on a spirit called Fred. Very prominent and made me jump almost he was quite clear and bold saying his name. Having received this I had to mention it to the medium who told me later that her spirit guide goes by the name of Fred and that was who I was picking up on.

So that was a bit of a turn up. I also met a young dark haired man called Samuel who was a bit of a ladies man and very ambitious. He wore very dapper clothing and came here as a guest on occasion and obviously had a good time it seems. I had the impression he was a bit of a young pup playing with the big dogs as well. Isabelle had picked up on this same spirit Samuel earlier whilst she was in here with a previous team and we were basically confirming with each other his details. I said that he was from south of the river in London and Isabelle said that he worked in the city, which would have meant crossing the river.

This was all very interesting for me as having started going to the local open circle it was again confirmation that spirits were coming through. Later on Isabelle pointed out one of the mannequins in the inner temple and apart from the matted wig that had almost rotted away the clothes and style were very similar to what I was seeing in the triangle.

After a quick Cuppa we were to do the banqueting hall next. This is where the whole team took on such a happy lighthearted approach to events it was almost weird looking back at the footage as we all laughed and joked and did impressions.

As I mentioned earlier I can only assume we picked up on some energies of better times when parties were being held here. In the hall very little happened. Amy did a spot of dowsing and picked up on a young lad who was looking for his sister. He was quite distressed and we feel was very hungry and lost. We also had a couple of bats join us in the hall, which was a great chance to see if the canum would pick up on the high sonar frequencies. Sure enough we soon heard what sounded like a machine gun as the bats approached us and whizzed about our heads. Last time we were there The Psychic mentioned the bats but I don’t recall seeing any so it was rather cool to be being buzzed like this by them.

It was very light and not very spooky so we then went to join the others in the inner temple to round off the evening. With Isabelle and John and everyone else down there it was very crowded but a good way to end the night. Not much happened, Isabelle pointed out the Mannequin who we both felt resembled Samuel from earlier. There was also a lot of chatter and shuffling about but it was good to finish the night down there and even better I was left to lock up the temple after. So I grabbed Chris as everyone started to wander back towards the surface as I recalled Nick saying how he was followed out with The Psychic last time and didn’t relish the idea of being there on my own.

After what seemed an eternity of thumbling with the rusty old padlock it clicked into place and with the temple now secure I gave those smiling wax faces one last look before we headed up and out into the real world.

The evening was over. For me personally I had a great time. I met some spirits and also had a conversation with one via Isabelle. I had seen the caves in a new light as quite a fun place to be in comparison to our last visit. I certainly feel who was ever there last time was not visiting this night and it now makes me wonder if there was something significant about that date in June or if we just had the right mixture of people and energy then.

The full paranormal Tours report can be found here

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