Prediction Magazine

The following is a scan of the nights events at Hell Fire Caves in June 2004 as appeared in Prediction magazine of October the same year.
Its not a completely accurate account but makes for good reading.


The two investigators the article refers to are my younger brother Robin and myself. We both witnessed the monkey going over and I was lucky enough to capture some of the commotion on film which is available in the downloads here and over at Paranomral Tours. Not too sure where the bottle story came from. A glass bottle did leave the table but flying up and hitting the monkey? I think it was more likely the monkey took it with it as it went.

Finaly none of us fled, Vicky was nearly decapitated by the medium who held out her arms, rather wisely, blocking the exit as the tunnels are wet and slippery at the  best of times.

There was however  some strong language at the time which we had to bleep out.

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