29/12/2003   Initial test run for crew. Local park and   dark passageways used for equipment shakedown.
03/01/2004   Hope Cemetery in Fleet and Victoria Road Cemetery comes under scrutiny   and a late night visit is paid. Apart from being a cemetery not a lot else   happened. Good test for equipment.
11/01/2004   Visit to St Micheals Abbey, Stills and base line tests completed.
17/01/2004   St Michael’s Abbey late night investigation in sub zero conditions.   Valuable lesson is learnt to take hot drinks and gloves in future.
18/01/2004   Investigation St Michael’s Abbey takes place near the railway bridge.   Tonight Chris is on the trail with us.
23/01/2004   St Michael’s Abbey investigation is printed to DVD.
24/01/2004   The team visit Waverley Abbey near Farnham. a number of Orbs have been   captured on camera which will soon be available in the gallery. Also some of   the team experienced strange noises and heat sensations during the visit.
25/01/2004   Ghosthaunted.com goes online.
28/01/2004   News section online.
06/02/2004   Visit to Waverley Abbey for one hour at midnight.
14/02/2004   First Visit to King John’s Castle. Chris, Steven and Paul.
25/02/2004   Despite freezing cold temperatures and numerous Owls, Paul, Andy and Vic   went on a night time visit to King John’s Castle.
28/02/2004   Robin, Paul and Steven attempt the St Michael’s Tour. Daytime footage and   baseline tests done at Waverley Abbey.
06/03/2004   Steven and Paul do the St Michael’s Abbey Tour at last.
07/03/2004   Paul and Steven visit King John’s Castle for early morning vigil.
08/03/2004   New arrival to the gadgets collection. Two shiny Gauss Master EMF meters   as used by Phil Wyman and Jason Karl. MSN Group goes live encouraging more   crew members to join and the sharing of information.
12/03/2004   New look site goes live. Hope you like it and we will be filling in the   gaps over the coming weeks. Holy Ghost Chapel Ruins discovered and links to   Holy Grail cause a few murmurs within the team.
13/03/2004   Steven and Paul visit Southampton to spend an evening with Derek Acorah.   Berry Pomeroy tentative dates weekends commencing 08th 15th and 22nd May to   avoid the two bank holidays on the 3rd and 31st May.
18/03/2004   Steven visits Odiham and the Castle.
21/03/2004   Paul and Steven do a whistle stop tour of Hartley Wintney.
27/03/2004   Crew visited Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe.
30/03/2004   Paul and Steven go to Farnham to see the Water Pump, The Lion & Lamb   Walk & St. Andrew’s Parish Church. Good test for Gauss Meter and Sony IR   Night vision Lights.
02/04/2004   A new entry has been added to the information section. Simon from the   Paranormal Farnham group sources some great information re King John’s castle   and the ghost of a minstrel.
04/04/2004   Paul and Steven visit the Holy Ghost Chapel and later joined by Andy and   Vic at King John’s Castle for exclusive 1st seance on site. Web site updates   include the Sites section, Downloads, Forum and Crew.
06/04/2004   Plans for a trip to Berry Pomeroy Castle and the Jamaica Inn are put in   place for sometime in May.
08/04/2004   Paul goes on the first solo night time vigil at King John’s Castle and is   spooked by a moored up narrow boat, Orbs and Owls.
15/04/2004   Paul and Steven went to Hellfire Caves for a second visit during the   School Holidays.
28/04/2004   Robin goes on a solo night vigil at Waverley Abbey and finds a card for a   girl called Grace.
30/04/2004   Robin, Paul and Steven visit Guildford on the hunt for a special young   lady from the 17th Century
16/05/2004   Steven and Paul go to King John’s Castle with candles.
18/05/2004   Due to little interest in the MSN forum the group has now ceased
22/05/2004   We return to Sydenham Road Car Park to film the lifts and verify the EVP   was not mechanical.
25/05/2004   New Ghost haunted Forum goes live.
28/05/2004   Berry Pomeroy Investigation from 1998 added to the Diary page.
04/06/2004   Steven, Robin and Paul visit King Johns Castle for a Summers Evening   Vigil.
05/06/2004   Paul, Vic, Robin, Andy and Steven join Paranormal Tours for an   investigation at Hell Fire Caves
09/06/2004   Paul and Steven begin three day investigation of Berry Pomeroy Castle
04/07/2004   Waverley Abbey investigation details added 01st July 2004 : Hell Fire   Caves activity added. Miner’s Cave Lights added to download section
17/07/2004   Sam, Geoff and Steven visit Chanctonbury Ring and Waverley Abbey.
24/07/2004   Sam, Chris and Steven pay a daytime visit to Hell Fire Caves.
29/07/2004   Steven and Linda do a spur of the moment visit to Waverley Abbey.
31/07/2004   Sam, Geoff, Chris and Steven join Paranormal Tours on an investigation of   Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales.
07/08/2004   Chris, Sam and Steven travel to London in search of Clerkenwell House of   Detention.
14/08/2004   Sam, Geoff and Steven go on the search for possible future locations.   Portchester Castle, Netley Abbey and Titcham Abbey were visited. Watch This   Space. A visit to King Johns Castle finished the day.
21/08/2004   Everybody met up in Farnham for the Ghost walk round the town. Thanks to   Simon for arranging an interesting evening.
04/09/2004   Sam, Geoff, Chris, Terry, Amy and Steven investigate Hell Fire Caves in   association with Paranormal Tours.
19/09/2004   Steven joins the Paranormal Tours team as the new recruit with an   investigation of Dover Castle.
20/09/2004   Predictions” magazine runs an article on the Hell Fire Caves   Poltergeist activity in the October issue
06/10/2004   Geoff and Sam investigate Berry Pomeroy Castle. Full report coming soon.
23/10/2004   Steven joins the Paranormal Tours team on an investigation of CoalHouse   Fort
25/10/2004   Sam, Geoff, Paul and Steven investigate King John’s castle.
31/10/2004   Steven joins the Paranormal Tours team on an investigation of Farnham   Castle.
11/11/2004   When Ghost Haunted met Derek Acorah.
13/11/2004   Steven investigates Wymering Manor with Paranormal Tours.
20/11/2004   GhostHaunted.com goes live in its 3rd incarnation this year.
27/11/2004   Steven and Sam investigate Normandie Inn with Paranormal Tours.
01/12/2004   GhostHaunted.com joined Paranormal Farnham for an xmas evening out at the   WoolPack. Great night had by all and it was good to see some new faces.
04/12/2004   Sam and Steven investigate Beverley Friary in East Yorkshire with   Paranormal Tours.
07/12/2004   Sam, Geoff, Teresa, Sue, Chris and Steven enjoy a meal at the Hautboy and   an after dinner investigation
29/12/2004   Chris, Geoff, Teresa, Sue, Sam and Steven pay a daytime visit to Netley   Abbey.
08/01/2005   Chris, Geoff, Sam and Steven Investigate Tyn Dwr Hall with Paranormal   Tours.
15/01/2005   Geoff, Teresa, Sue, Sam and Steven pay a daytime and evening visit to   Tangmere Airfield. Sue and Teresa Pay a daytime visit to Midhurst Castle and   Cowdray House.
22/01/2005   Steven and Sam join Jamie, James and Essex Paranormal for an all night   investigation of Coal House Fort, East Tilbury.
25/01/2005   Paul, Steven, Sam, Geoff, Chris, Teresa, Sue, Simon, Dave, Marion and a   host of other names met together at the Talbot Hotel in Ripley to celebrate   GhostHaunteds 1st Birthday.
28/01/2005   Steven and Sam join Paranormal Tours for an investigation of Ilam Hall in   Derbyshire.
03/02/2005   Steven and Sam investigate a Ghost Haunted first, a car.
05/02/2005   Steven, Chris and Teresa visit two private locations in the South of   England.
12/02/2005   Sam, Geoff, Steven, Teresa and Simon    investigate the “Live and Let Live” in Guildford.
19/02/2005   Sam and Steven join Paranormal Tours and investigate Fort Brockhurst,   Gosport, Hampshire
26/02/2005   Teresa and Steven join Ghosts-uk and investigate “The Red Lion”   in Avebury
05/03/2005   Teresa, Steven, Jamie, Sammy, James and Sam join Paranormal Tours and   investigate Common Leys Farm.
19/03/2005   Steven, Geoff and Sam join Paranormal Tours and investigate Bovington   Camp
02/04/2005   Sam, Steven, Jamie, James and Sammy investigate Hadleigh Castle,   Southend.
10/04/2005   Sam, Steven, Chris, Geoff and Teresa investigate Farnham Castle, Surrey   with Paranormal Tours
16/04/2005   Sam and Steven investigate The Maltings in Essex with Paranormal Tours.
23/04/2005   Steven, Jamie, Sammy and Chris investigate Kimberley Hall, Norwhich with   Paranormal Tours
30/04/2005   Steven and Sam investigate Battle Abbey in Hastings with Paranormal   Tours.
21/05/2005   Steven, Sam and Chris investigate Tregarden Manor, Cornwall with   Paranormal Tours.
27/05/2005   Steven visits Arundel Castle.
28/05/2005   Steven, Sam and Chris investigate Craig Y Nos, Wales with Paranormal   Tours.
18/06/2005   Steven and Sam investigate Jamaica Inn, Cornwall with Paranormal Tours.
25/06/2005   Steven, Sammy, Geoff, Jamie and Sammy investigate Redoubt Fort, Essex   with Paranormal Tours.
09/07/2005   Steven, Sam and Chris investigate Jamaica Inn, Cornwall with Paranormal   Tours.
16/07/2005   Steven investigates The Falstaffs Experience with Paranormal Tours.
19/07/2005   Uploaded opening sequence to DVD, footage from Farnham Castle, Saffrom   Walden and more.
23/07/2005   Steven and Melanie visit Corfe Castle.
30/07/2005   Steven and Sam investigate Michelham Priory with Paranormal Tours.
05/08/2005   Steven, Jamie, Sammy and Sam investigate The Red Lion in Avebury with   Paranormal Tours.
13/08/2005   Steven, Chris, Geoff and Sam investigate The Hell Fire Caves with   Paranormal Tours.
20/08/2005   Steven and Jamie investigate Common Leys Farm with Paranormal Tours.
21/08/2005   Sam Lagden’s report on our investigation at the Red Lion and Redoubt Fort   now online.
03/09/2005   Congratulations to Linda and Terry who were married today.
10/09/2005   Steven, Sam, Jamie and Sammy investigate The Maltings with Paranormal   Tours
24/09/2005   Steven, Sammy and Jamie investigate Michelham Priory with Paranormal   Tours
04/10/2005   Private Investigation and Social in Gomshall
14/10/2005   Weekend in Haunted Gloucestershire. We visited Woodchester Mansion, The   Ragged Cot Inn, The bear of Rodborough and Dyrham Park
30/10/2005   Steven, Jamie and Sammy investigate Farnham Castle with Paranormal Tours
06/11/2005   Steven, Jamie, Sam and Sammy investigate Craig Y Nos with Paranormal   Tours
18/11/2005   Steven and Sam investigate The Ancient Ram Inn
31/12/2005   For the first time in Two years we took a month off!!! Happy New Year   Everyone.
14/01/2006   Sam and Steven investigate the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham with   Paranormal Tours
25/01/2006   Our 2nd year online and still going strong.
04/02/2006   Steven and Sam investigate the amazing Bisham Abbey with Paranormal   Tours.
17/03/2006   Steven Investigates Farnham Castle with Paranormal Tours and special   Guest investigator Ian Lawman
18/03/2006   Steven investigates Wymering Manor with Paranormal Tours.
25/03/2006   Steven and Jamie investigate Common Leys Farm with Paranormal Tours
16/04/2006   Steven and Melanie visit Kingston Lacy
17/04/2006   Steven and Melanie visit Netley Abbey
03/04/2006   Steven and Melanie visit Mottisfont Abbey.
02/04/2006   Sam and Geoff Visit Brookwood Motor Museum
29/04/2006   Steven and Sam investigate Pleasley Vale Mills, Nottinghamshire with   Paranormal Tours.
01/05/2006   Company Magazine goes on sale featuring an article of our investigation   at Wymering Manor in March with Paranormal Tours.
13/05/2006   Steven joins Paranormal Tours and leads the investigation of Tregarden   Manor, St Mabyn in Cornwall.
28/05/2006   Steven and Melanie visit The Tor and partake in a spot of spiritual   retail therapy in Glastonbury town center.
29/05/2006   Steven, Melanie and Donna visit Petworth House, West Sussex.
04/06/2006   GhostHaunted.com version 4 Goes Live today.
22/04/2006   Sam and Geoff drop in on SouthSea Castle.
13/06/2006   To celebrate two years since our first investigation at Hell Fire Caves   we have uploaded a forgotten montage Paul made of the night.
22/06/2006   Steven and Melanie investigate a private residence in Provence. Amazing   week and weather with some interesting occurrences along the way.
01/07/2006   Steven and Melanie visit Mompesson House in Salisbury.
09/07/2006   Steven visits West Wycombe park and the home of Sir Francis Dashwood,   creator of the Hell Fire Caves, with Melanie.
14/07/2006   Steven, Sam and Jenny investigate The Falstaffs Experience in Stratford   Upon Avon with Paranormal Tours.
25/07/2006   Steven’s photograph of Tregarden Manor in Cornwall is used in Visions   magazine, courtesy of Paranormal Tours.
29/07/2006   Sam and Geoff are to be Married on the 29th July 2006.Finaly after 6 years Sam is going to make an honest man of the poor   soul.Congratulations to you both and have a great day !!!
06/08/2006   The famous Ham House, Twickenham comes under scrutiny as Melanie and   Steven spend the day in the house and grounds.
16/08/2006   Intrepid GhostHaunted Team member Chris goes off on a 5 week world tour.Good Luck Mate.
19/08/2006   The Live and Let Live investigation with Paranormal Farnham in February   2005 has been used as reference material in a new book called Haunted   Guildford by Philip Hutchinson.
19/08/2006   Sam, Geoff and Steven investigate Coal House Fort in Essex.
28/08/2006   We visit The Vyne in Basingstoke.
02/09/2006   Steven and Sam investigate Wymering Manor with Paranormal Tours.
09/09/2006   Steven and Sam lead the investigation of the Galleries of Justice in   Nottingham with Paranormal Tours.
21/09/2006   Chris is back!!!
23/09/2006   Terry and Steven investigate Marwell Hall in Hampshire with Paranormal   Tours.Happy Birthday Terry!
13/10/2006   Sam, Chris and Steven investigate The Red Lion with Paranormal Tours and   medium Stewart Keeys.
27/10/2006   Steven leads the investigation at The Kings Head with medium John Crowdey   and Paranormal Tours.
18/11/2006   Steven and Sam investigate Theobalds Park with Medium Stewart Keeys and   Paranormal Tours.
27/11/2006   Steven goes to Delhi in India and not with Paranormal Tours. 🙂
25/11/2006   Steven leads the investigation of the Golden Fleece in York with medium   Ian Lawman and the Paranormal Tours crew.
03/12/2006   Steven visits the Taj Mahal in Agra.
24/12/2006   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from GhostHaunted.com
16/12/2006   Steven wins award for “Most active forum member” and “Team   member of the year” at the Paranormal Tours awards Ceremony and xmas   meal.Would like to thank everyone who made this possible and this award goes to   Sam as much as it does myself as without her hard work and willingness to   drop everything at the drop of a hat and follow me all over the country we   would not of been able to do it.
25/01/2007   Happy Birthday!The Website is 3 years old today and what a 3 years it has been.
04/02/2007   Melanie and Steven visit Titchfield Abbey an English Heritage site  which is the ruins of a 13th-century   Premonstratensian abbey, part of its church converted into a grand turreted   Tudor gatehouse.We first visited the site in 2004 but a show being held on the site put   paid to any serious look around at the time.
09/02/2007   Steven and Melanie visit the Isle Of Wight with Paranormal Tours and Ian   Lawman for an investigation of Dimbola Lodge the home of photographer Julia   Margaret Cameron.
10/02/2007   Steven and Melanie continue the weekends visit to the Isle of Wight with   an investigation of The Farringford hotel, the home of Lord Alfred Tennyson   the famous poet.
10/02/2007   Steven meets Author Gay Baldwin and she kindly signs a copy of “The   Most Haunted Isle”
10/02/2007   Steven and Melanie pay a daytime visit with Paranormal Tours to St   Catherine’s Lighthouse, Ventnor Botanic Gardens, Knighton Gorges and Gatcombe   Church among other sites of paranormal interest on the island.
17/02/2007   Steven and Melanie visit the Red Fort in Delhi, India.
18/02/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi.
18/02/2007   Melanie and Steven visit the Lotus Temple or Bahá’í House of Worship in   Delhi. Had a great tour by one of the guides there and it really is an   interesting and spiritual place to visit.
24/02/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Jaipur and visit the Amber Fort, the city palace   and the Observatory.
22/02/2007   Steven and Melanie visit the Taj Mahal.
17/03/2007   Steven leads the investigation of Southsea Castle with medium Stewart   Keeys and the Paranormal Tours crew.The castle provided a very good investigation with lots of activity   throughout the night.
14/04/2007   Steven, Sam and Geoff join Medium Carol Stirling and the Paranormal Tours   team in an investigation of Leith Hall, Aberdeen.This is the the furthest north we have been and the house was well worth   every minute of the traveling.
24/04/2007   It is confirmed that Paul, Andy and Terry are coming with us to Marwell   Hall in May. After our night there last September Im hoping it will be   another good one.
09/05/2007   Paul, Andy, Chris and Steven visit an old friend, Waverley Abbey. It was   wet, dark, muddy and cold just like old times.
12/05/2007   Paul, Andy, Terry, Amy, Sam and Steven investigate Marwell Hall in   Hampshire with Paranormal Tours.
19/05/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Tyneham the “Ghost Village”.
18/05/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Clouds Hill the home of “Lawrence of   Arabia”.
09/06/2007   Steven investigates Fort Amherst in Dover with Paranormal Tours.
23/06/2007   Melanie and Steven visit Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle Of Wight.
24/06/2007   Melanie and Steven visit Osborne House on the Isle Of Wight.
08/07/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Berry Pomeroy Castle.
09/07/2007   Melanie and Steven visit Dartmouth Castle.
10/07/2007   Steven visits Totnes Castle with Melanie.
12/07/2007   Steven and Melanie vist St Michael’s mount in Cornwall.
13/07/2007   Melanie and Steven visit halliggye fogou in Cornwall.
14/07/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Tintagel Castle on the final day of our South   Western tour of the UK.
04/08/2007   Steven and Sam lead the investiation of Pleasley Vale Mills,   Nottinghamshire with Paranormal Tours and Ian Lawman.
11/08/2007   Sam and Steven investigate Coalhouse Fort with Paranormal Tours
19/08/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Calshot Castle.
26/08/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Dover Castle.
01/09/2007   Steven investigates Coalhouse Fort with Medium Jannine Muirhead and the   ISP team.
09/09/2007   Steven and Melanie visit Old Waldour Castle in Wiltshire.
09/09/2007   Melanie and Steven visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire.
22/09/2007   Steven investigates Langsmeade House with Jannine Muirhead and Paranormal   Tours.
13/10/2007   Steven, Chris and Sam investigate Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, with   Paranormal Tours
18/10/2007   Steven and Melanie visit the Tower of London.
25/10/2007   Daily Express Article published on investigation at Easthampstead Park.
27/10/2007   Steven leads the investigation at Newhaven Fort with Paranormal Tours.
24/11/2007   Steven leads the investigation of Preston Manor with Paranormal Tours
01/02/2008   Steven joins the ISP team as they investigate Down Grange in Basingstoke.
09/02/2008   Steven and Melanie go to Durdle Door in Dorset and get engaged.
23/03/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Portchester Castle
23/03/2008   Steven and Melanie visit the Medieval Merchant’s House in Southampton.
05/04/2008   Steven investigates Nene Valley Railway with Paranormal Tours.
19/04/2008   Steven investigates Elvey Farm with Paranormal Tours.
17/05/2008   Steven leads the investigation of Fort Amherst with Paranormal Tours.
19/05/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Pembroke Castle, Birthplace of Henry VII.
21/05/2008   Melanie and Steven visit Carew Castle on the low banks of the river   Carew, near Pembroke.
23/05/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire
12/07/2008   Steven, Melanie and Donna investigate The Ragged School in the east end   of London with Paranormal Tours.
21/07/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Hampton Court.
23/07/2008   Steven and Melanie do the Ghost Walk of Old Pool town with Granny   Cousins. Definitely worth a go if your down that way.
08/08/2008   Steven leads the investigation of Halsway Manor with Paranormal Tours.
24/08/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Chiselhurst Caves
25/08/2008   Steven and Melanie visit Portsmouth historic naval dockyard
06/09/2008   Steven leads the event at Woodchester Mansion with Ian Lawman and   Paranormal Tours
29/08/2008   Steven attends an investigation with Paranormal Tours at New Place in   Hampshire on behalf of the charity Hannah’s Appeal.   Http://www.hannahsappeal.org
04/10/2008   Steven investigates Preston Manor on a return visit with Paranormal   Tours.
21/02/2009   Steven and Melanie get married.    See www.stevenandmelanie.co.uk
14/03/2009   Steven investigates The Wardrobe Rifles Museum wtth Paranormal Tours
27/06/2009   Steven joins the charity Anthony Nolan Trust for an investigation on the   island of Jersey.
15/08/2009   Steven investigates Galleries of Justice with Paranormal Tours
22/08/2009   Steven investigates Valentines Mansion with Paranormal Tours
30/08/2009   Steven and Melanie visit Athelhampton House
04/09/2009   Steven investigates The Wardrobe Rifles Museum, Salisbury with Paranormal   Tours
03/10/2009   Steven investigates Woodchester Mansion with Paranormal Tours
10/10/2009   Steven investigates Nothe Fort with Paranormal Tours.
30/10/2009   Steven investigates Easthampstead Park with Paranormal Tours
21/11/2009   Steven investigates Bisham Abbey with Paranormal Tours
05/12/2009   Steven investigates Preston Manor with Paranormal Tours.
12/12/2009   Steven investigates Howbery Manor in Oxfordshire with Paranormal Tours.
23/01/2010   Steven investigates The Wardrobe Rifles Museum with Paranormal Tours
06/03/2010   Steven investigates Wymering Manor with Paranormal Tours.
19/09/2010   Steven investigates a World War 2 bunker in Epsom.
05/03/2011   Steven joins Medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation of Oxford Castle
02/04/2011   Steven joins Tsarskoe Productions for an investigation at Bursledon   Brickworks, Southampton.
03/03/2012   Steven joins Medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation of Oxford Castle,   again.
09/06/2012   Steven joins medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation at Avenue House,   Finchley.
26/04/2014   Steven joins medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation at The Royal Oak, Swanage.
10/05/2014   Steven joins medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation at The Royal Oak, Swanage.
13/06/2015   Steven joins medium Stewart Keeys for an investigation at Coalhouse Fort, Essex.
21/08/2015   Steven tests EchoVox at Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon
29/09/2018   Steven investigates Wymering Manor with Andrew and John

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