13th November 2004

Wymering Manor, which is now run by the YHA, is the oldest house in Portsmouth . It has so much character partly due to its misshaped, sloping floors and creaky staircases making it the classic haunted house. Add all that to the fact that it is reportedly the most haunted house in Hampshire you can see why I was excited to be there and why I was also the first to arrive.

After fighting with the autoroute printouts for most of the journey I pulled into the road and past the old church on my right. I found out later that there is supposedly a tunnel that runs from the house to the church, its no longer in use however and possibly collapsed now. As I pulled onto the driveway through the gates I immediately felt like I was being watched. The blinding security light came on straight away but where I ended up parking I was bathed in darkness. No one else was around but I still did not feel alone in those grounds so I gingerly opened the car and grabbed my camera for a bit of impromptu filming before the place started to fill up. The church bells chimed as I recorded some footage in the grounds and the road leading up to the manor. All the time I felt like I was being watched. So a good spooky beginning to the evening.

As the investigators turned up and settled in I got to do a little exploring of the site so we could get a feel for which rooms would be worth holding a vigil in.

On the ground floor as we made our way to the kitchen area was a large sleeping area. A vortex is reported to be found in this room and I now know where but I will refrain from telling anyone its location so as not so spoil any future investigations. One of the team had an Orb travel across his back and as I watched he reported being pinched in the same place. It was only after he had been pinched did I say there was an orb there so there was no autosuggestion; he was facing away in the dark. As we stood in the room getting a feel for the place I felt my shirt being pulled away from my chest, as if somebody had hooked a finger in and pulled. To me it felt like a child was with us and I believe a young girl is reported to visit this room.

That was the amazing thing I found out about this site. Every room has activity and a different character within its walls. There are reports of intense poltergeist activity in one room including the sounds of gunshots ringing out and equipment being thrown to the ground. Unfortunately this was the oldest part of the house and we could only lock a camera off in there as it was unsafe at the time of our visit to have people in there. I found out after I had used the tape up that on previous investigations cameras have been thrown to the floor so I was thankful it was still in one piece.

In one of the upstairs rooms there is frequently seen a hooded figure staring out on to the driveway. He is seen so regularly now that visitors can almost set clocks by his sightings. It is believed to be a ghost of a priest. He is seen looking out and then darting across the room into a nearby priest hole. People who have gone into the priest hole have felt fear and choking though having stood in it myself I was drawn to the area above me. I wondered if the priest hole had at one time gone into the roof as I felt there should have been a hatch there or some form of exit that made we want to go up.

Later on we were in Room 4. It was getting late and some of the team decided to call out to the spirits to see if they could get a reaction. There was the spirit of an Admiral who is knows to walk this area and a member of the team called him a name that he hoped would cause a reaction. I will never forget how the atmosphere changed in that room. The temp dropped and though we had been in there a good half hour or so our eyes would have adjusted, the room got darker. What seemed to be a black fog drifted into the room and we all stood there quite speechless. Even though this was quite amazing I did not feel the need to get everyone out and felt we needed to see this display. In my mind I was apologising for what was said and I felt he was intentionally giving them what they wanted and I believe he did looking back on the night. As if to say don’t take this too lightly. Everyone, even the most sceptical members of the team agreed they could not explain what had happened.

In the kitchen the team soon spotted a glass and a nice shiny wooden table. It was not long before we were all sitting round the table with a finger poised on top. We were asking for yes and no answers initially and after what was about 15 minutes of persistence the glass was all over the place.

The kitchen seemed to be the place for these experiments as later most of the teams had a go with the glass and some table tipping rounded off the evening. About 8 other members of the investigation team joined the two mediums and it was not long before the table was flying up and down the room.

The full report can be found on Paranormal Tours website this is my account of what happened during my visit.

I have yet to go through all our footage so will be updating this report in the near future no doubt but for now an amazing site and I look forward to doing another investigation there in the future.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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