4th September 2004 b

Hell Fire Caves

The Triangle

(A short story based on fact)

The intrepid band of adventurers in search of truth went further into the caves, bats swooped overhead narrowly missing our brave team as they descended deeper towards the bowls of the earth; the very pit of hell opened and threatened to swallow them whole.

Into the emptiness they travelled. For what seemed like eternity the journey continued, the walls closing slick with moisture, pressure from the mountain of earth weighed upon them, dampening spirits. The reality of it all finally sank in they would never exit the caves with their sanity intact (each screaming inside impossible to see from the outside but a side glance would show an almost imperceptible shiver).


As they reached their destination the group set up their equipment, small electronic devices designed to record and determine minute changes from the norm. After an initial scout of the area the accompanying medium began to pick up energies swelling up from the void. Power and force vying for space within the psychic’s thoughts; emotions drifting through the ether attempting to find a tether, a line to guide them. One of the adventurers drifted from the pack choosing to go solo, attempting to find a connection of his own.

Deeper he walked far from the group into the silence and total darkness of the cave. After walking for some time he decided to rest, his bravery stretched to the limits and feeling he could go no further he set-up his equipment.

Out of character for him anger and violence formed within his mind; he began provoking the sprits with his angered words.


Our adventurer sat staring into the depths of the cavern, unseen the faceless formless spirits stared back. The spirits angered and annoyed buy our adventurer’s incessant abuse decided that they had enough. Dislodging a stone they used pure force of will and hurled it at him, our adventurer thought this was too much for his already taxed bravery and deciding that enough was enough he promptly left backtracking to rejoin the relative safety of the group.

At this point we leave our party of gallant adventurers still seeking truth and irrefutable proof that there is something dwelling in the void between worlds.

By G.Styche

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