5th June 2004

Hell Fire Caves

Robin, Andy, Vic, Paul and I booked up with Paranormal Tours to do an investigation into the caves. It was our chance to get down there without the music, children and annoying voice over tapes.

We started the ghost walk with the The Psychic the medium for the night up front and one of the staff who knew a lot of the history of the site. Paul decided he had enough half way through and left the walk to travel back on his own. However after speaking to the staff member later on she said The Psychic was very good and quite near the mark on a lot of stuff. The Psychic was good and I think the time restraints were just gnawing away at our nerves and we wanted to get in there on our own. If we had all night I’m sure we would have been a lot more patient.

So after some coffee Andrew informed us we could now go into the caves and we were to go unaccompanied, as we have had some experience. We must have been beaming like Cheshire cats at this news and we were down there like a flash.

Our first investigation was at the Triangle, which is about two thirds of the way in. On our way walking in to the caves the lights went off and we plunged into pitch black. They were off a while as we scrabbled to find our torches and began moving back down to the triangle. It was great and got us all on our toes for the first time that evening the pulses were going. Robin and I argued as we walked through the caves who should keep up the rear as the lights were at the front and behind it was black as coal. Neither of us wanted the prospect of somebody creeping up behind us at this point. Later on the emergency lights kicked in and we relaxed a little. Andy and Vic had a go at dowsing and got some interesting results. The rods did move when a question was asked but they swung out when we asked them to swing in which could have been a bit of mischievousness on behalf of the ghosts or as Andy said he felt the rods were falling away and it could have been good old gravity. Not a lot happened in the triangle but Paul split off from us and did some filming from the other end so we had all sides covered. Other than that it was quiet and before long we were making our way back up for a cup of tea.

he evening was okay up until this point. Nothing paranormal had happened but like mad men we were enjoying the idea that if it was this was this was going to be the place. So after Tea we heard the best news of the evening. We were going to go to the inner temple for a vigil with the medium. The door had been unlocked and we could actually go into the temple without peering from the outside.

We must have left flames the speed we shot through the caves and The Psychic was keeping up as we ran through the caves not wanting to waste a minute. This was the Holy Grail for us getting inside the temple. We had talked about it for months as the crossing of the river Styx and the whole idea that this was the other darker side we were now entering into. The tales of acts that went on here, though may be only tales as there is nothing to substantiate the stories, were quite outlandish and wild.

On the way down The Psychic was picking up on spirits or energies that were running with us that wanted to show us something and were in just as much hurry as we were. One of the common occurrences is for the door, when left open, to shut itself. When we arrived it was still open and we gathered at the entrance. For anyone who has never been there is only one small entrance to the temple, which is protected by a big metal grid like gate. The Psychic asked if we wanted to go in and we all agreed that this was what we should do. Paul made a move to step in but The Psychic managed to beat him to it.

We were finally inside and Robin was taking EMF readings, Paul and I were filming from every possible angle behind, above and below the mannequins in there. The Psychic was saying how this was a dirty boys club and how she felt it was still going and had not stopped. I wasn’t too clear if she meant in the physical or the spiritual at this point. They were angry that we were there and wanted us to leave. We were in there about 5minutes when we thought we could hear a foot print buy the entrance. This got everyone intrigued though personally I hadn’t heard it though we were walking on gravel so I was probably filtering it out.

They agreed the sound had come from outside the temple and they all went off to investigate leaving Robin and myself alone in the temple. I slowly backed out with Robin to my right side holding a torch. I was really hoping to catch a light source at this point. An orb or flash, just some sign that there was something in there that was getting angry. As we had our backs to the entrance there was an almighty smash and I saw the monkey fly off to the right and smash a bottle and couple of glasses on the floor. It went with such force that it seemed to break one of the mannequins arm but I cant verify that as I couldn’t see the bit that had come away.

The weird thing is the table isn’t that small and if it had simply fallen it would have probably stayed on the table or rolled into the lap of a mannequin, but as you can hear (if you download the file) there is a crash as if it went by force and unfortunately I jumped out of my skin and only caught the monkey as it started to go on camera. However Robin and I both saw it go and it was in no way just falling over.

We were very quickly joined by the rest of the investigation team and as you will see we found the glasses smashed on the floor with the bottle and another glass though unmoved on the table was also smashed. This really was more than we could ever have wanted and I made a point of thanking the energy that had done it, as I really wanted something else to happen but after we had all gathered in there it went very quiet. We believe it probably used up all its energy in that one action and that was it for the night. The next ream in there verified this and they had no results.

We got the chance to go back again later after we had found another team had put the monkey on the table after the medium said it should be left on the floor. Whilst we were down there we picked up a very interesting deep sigh as an EVP on both camcorders.

I believe later they went and got the monkey out altogether as the medium wasn’t at all happy about leaving it down there as she felt it was going to cause problems for the staff the next day. One thing they did report was on the way back up when they were on their own they had an extra set of footsteps with them, which was strange.

After reviewing the footage on tape we got to spend some time at the miners cave and river Styx. This was quite quiet and probably felt a bit of a downer after the experience in the temple. We got some clicks and lots of water droplets but little else. Though I did get a French nursery rhyme come into my head for no real reason, which was odd. We got to meet up and discuss at the end and I honestly couldn’t recommend the experience enough to anyone with the faintest interest in the paranormal. It was a great night and the staff were very knowledgeable about the equipment and about ghosts etc.

What a night I shall certainly be booking more.

Thanks go to Paranormal Tours and The Staff at the caves.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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