28th March 2004

Hell Fire Caves

Some nine weeks before the Hell Fire Caves investigation led by Paranormal Tours, six members of the Fearless Most Daunted crew ventured down in to the moist eerie depths of the caves.

Some 500 photographs were taken by Andy J Bowman, Vic Marriner & Steven Brown, some of which had orbs or mist like entities in them and over 2 and a half hours of Camcorder footage was taken by Paul Beverley, Robin Brown & Steven Brown. This left Roger Deason to absorb as much History as possible whilst we all tried to block out the annoying voice-overs and sound effects.

The footage was looked through and early signs were that there was a lot of paranormal activity in three key areas of the caves but with so much chalk, dust and spot lights that could cause or add to these phenomena, we had to be weary. The over whelming feeling is that we were not alone.

By Paul Beverley

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