31st October 2004

Farnham Castle

This Halloween I joined Paranormal Tours on an investigation of Farnham castle in Surrey. The castle dates back to Norman Times and has a lot of tales to tell. The full report can be found at Paranormal Tours website, what I am going to cover here is my personal experience at the castle that night.

When we did the initial walk around of the castle I connected with a spirit in the basement that was giving me a bad ache down the side of my face. This hit me as we came down the stairs to the basement. Andrew was able to confirm that this had been picked up on by The Psychic  on a previous investigation and was a soldier from the civil was who had received a facial wound and dies from the consequences. It is thought the wound had gone gangrenous and the flesh had been cut away in an attempt to save his life. It wasn’t a pretty tale and this poor soul had obviously passed over in a lot of pain.

The first vigil I did was in the cellar and I was keen to get down there again in one sense as I had connected with him but did I really want to spend an hour or so in the dark with him…. So off we went. The team got to work and I made a point of not telling anyone what I knew and had picked up on earlier and straight away one of the men expressed a terrible pain all down one side of his face and said he felt like he wanted to double over in pain. I was very impressed by this as the feelings and side of the face matched what I was receiving earlier.

After asking for knocks we received a couple of taps but we decided this was more likely to be the pipes running under the castle and through the ceiling of the cellar. We heard footsteps shortly after walking across the ceiling which was interesting as we later worked out that the cellar would have been directly under the car park and no one was out there let alone make a walking on floor boards sound as it was pretty much tarmac out there.

After a while everyone was starting to feel a little more comfortable in the cellar but I kept my back to the light switch just in case. Somebody suggested that we try and communicate with the spirit and see what sort of reaction we would get. I encouraged one of the men to talk to the spirit and see if he could get a reaction as he had earlier connected with it as I had. The talk soon turned to challenging the spirit to perform and I felt the atmosphere in the room change dramatically. We were no longer welcome but at this point I felt we had a few more minutes to go. A few more goading words from the team and my attention was drawn to a hooded kneeling figure by what looked like an old fire place or chute for deliveries. It was dark and hooded and just kneeling facing into the middle of the room. It was time to leave and no one needed telling twice as we all felt its foreboding presence, it had had enough. I turned the light on and made sure the whole group was out before closing the door behind us.

The next vigil was to be up in the Wykeham suite and the atmosphere here was a lot lighter. We split into a couple of smaller groups as this way we could cover more area. We picked up on a spirit of a female and I got the name Sarah. The team used the dowsing rods and were able to confirm this was her name. From the information I received I discovered that she worked in the castle as a maid and had a boyfriend who worked with horses nearby. I wasn’t too sure if he actually worked in the castle but it was definitely in town. I was also given the impression that Sarah’s family thought she should be able to do better so it was a hushed affair. All in all a very nice spirit and we got some good activity from her in the form of some taps and at one point the radiator started whooshing. It has done this earlier as well so it may have been a case of the pipes needing bleeding but it certainly added to the drama of the meeting.

We found what looked to be an office area and we spent the final part of the vigil in here in the Wykeham suite and I immediately picked up on a small collie dog running around the room. I got the smell of the dog and he came across as quite friendly and excited to see us. I got the name Samson for the dog and the team confirmed this via dowsing. I appreciate it’s not exactly a scientific method but its interesting that they got a yes on the rods when they asked “is your name Samson”.

The next vigil we spent in the main hall. There is supposed activity here around the grandfather clock and piano. Voices or mutterings are said to be heard in this corner of the room. Sadly we didn’t pick much up in here and some of the group found it a little too comfortable and begun to snooze.

A couple of us heard what sounded like footsteps in the adjoining corridor so we went to investigate. We didn’t see anything but did feel drops in temperature and the two ladies felt that we were not alone. We went back into the main hall and I decided to sit in the armchair by the clock and see if I could connect with anything. After a while I felt something behind me though didn’t feel threatened. I looked over my shoulder but there was nobody there. As I sat in the chair I felt my arms and legs go to sleep and though wasn’t paralysed or uncomfortable didn’t feel completely in my body. Having never had an out of body experience I wasn’t sure if this was what I was experiencing or the beginnings of it at least. At this point I decided to get up and have a brisk walk around the room as I had decided that I was either falling asleep or somebody was trying to come in. My brain was telling me I was just tired but my gut instinct said that an energy was trying it on but earlier in the year I did a meditation with The Psychic  in Wales and I could hear her words telling me not to let it get above the neck as she had cautioned me that it was not a good idea and you have to keep your head to remain in control. So don’t know who it was but wasn’t about to lose control to find out…

I joined a team in the Woolsley suite later on and immediately found a very angry energy standing between the wardrobe and the wall. The team I was with confirmed that this was the same area The Psychic had said an angry man was last time they came here which was interesting. I found out since that a Bishop or man of the cloth had caught a sexual disease from a prostitute and died in this room. He is said to hate women and they are said to feel very uncomfortable on entering this room. I can’t say here the words they are said to hear but they are often told in no uncertain terms where to go upon entering the room…

We went to the library and initially found it to be a little dull so the group decided to venture along the adjoining rooms. Straight away we all felt uncomfortable and felt there was somebody in the first room we entered. The atmosphere soon cleared as if they had left but we felt him to be a young man of the cloth and he wasn’t happy about all the women here tonight. That was the general feeling we all got. Each room we then went into had the same atmosphere and then it cleared until we came to the end room. It could almost be described like we were following him or he was leading us.

The last room we came to was a storage area within it a small office area. I felt here we had come across a portly spirit who had a very naughty secret that was grubby and he didn’t want to let out. I got the impression he preferred the company of men something obviously frowned upon in days of old and even more so for a man working for the church. Nobody felt comfortable in this room so we made our way back towards the library to make some notes and gather our senses. On the way back one of the team let out a gasp and I looked to see her pointing at a watch that was face down on the window ledge with the straps facing straight up. We hadn’t stopped in this room and we certainly hadn’t spent anytime near the window ledge as we passed through. She showed me how she secured her watch on her arm and it was not about to come off easily. So what caused it to leave her arm unnoticed and be left on the window ledge like that? She was very distressed and amazed as were we all.

The castle was a great investigation with a real mixed bag of spirits still dwelling within its walls. I will be going back there in the New Year again and look forward to unearthing some more of its treasures.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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