18th September 2004

Dover Castle

Having watched the Most Haunted Live episode of the investigation they did at Dover castle I was quite excited at the prospect of being able to spend 12 hours overnight investigating this historic place with such a varied history.

Unfortunately I didnt witness anything paranormal that night and it just goes to show you cant always guarantee that they will show up. Thats not to say no one else did of course.

Its a very interesting castle and I have no doubt that there are ghosts and spirits in visitation and in the residual, ooh Im sounding like Derek now arent I sorry, but I think I was just unlucky on the night. I did get a quick peek into the kings chamber and got the feeling there was a presence in there and also in what I believe is called St Johns tower. Not having long though I could also put it down to auto suggestion as I haver also read about those two parts of the site. So hopefully Ill get the chance to go back one day and follow up on that hunch.

I have just been told to mention the spirit of one lady I came accross in the main hall, sorry I am typing this a couple of months after the event so Im being prompted, who was a nice character who I found in one corner of the displays in there. Though nothing ground breaking she did make the effort so I think it should be recorded here.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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