22nd January 2005

Coalhouse Fort

Jamie kindly invited Sam and I to join James and himself on a vigil with his local team Essex Paranormal on an investigation at a site we had done earlier in the year with Paranormal Tours.

We arrived at the local meeting point on time but also a little too early it turned out and we ended up sitting in the pub drinking cola until gone 8pm in a cloud of cigarette smoke. We eventually set off and arrived at the site to sit around some more in smoke until we began the first of three vigils. I think it was gone 11pm at this point and we were rapidly losing the will to live. Some local medium did her bit and tried to bathe everyone in white light, which was interesting but I guess it added to the night and made those who have never been on an investigation before feel a little happier. I just hope the spirits and energies believed in the white light as well or we were going to be in trouble.

First stop was the small courtyard where on our last visit Jamie managed to capture what we believe could possibly be an EVP of Beth, one of the resident spirits, laughing. This footage can be found on the web hauntings website (see links). We spent about an hour or so here trying to coax the energies into giving us a light or making a sound but unfortunately they didn’t want to play ball. At one point I felt someone was behind me as I was setting up a tripod and I honestly thought it was Jamie and when I heard a very loud sigh in my ear I span round to see no one was nearb me at all. So that was interesting but I did also notice that I heard a similar sigh all night long from one of the sensitives who very clearly had a cold or breathing difficulties so I cant say 100% it was anything paranormal but it made me jump nonetheless.

With little going on here Sam and I separated off to hang around some of the classic military vehicles parked up and hoped for a little bit of quiet time to connect with the energies as so far it had been quite noisy with lots of flashes from cameras going off all over the place.

After another long break we set off to the theatre area and captured a ton of orbs but again nothing paranormal as the room was incredibly dusty anyway and was to be expected. The door did have a tendency to blow open on occasion but it was winter and it wasn’t fastened. After I pushed it firmly closed this ceased to happen. We heard some rustling in the adjoining section, which caused some interest. We couldn’t decide if it was footsteps or just rustling. Though earlier one of the volunteer helpers was strolling around whistling away so it may be he was having another stroll so again without tighter restrictions we couldn’t say it was anything unexplainable.

Another break and on to the final vigil for the evening which was to take place in the tunnels. We sat in the dark for a while adjusting to the sounds around us and getting used to the environment when Sam who was sitting on the end heard a male laugh in her ear, which caused her to jump somewhat. The three of us heard nothing but Sam swore she heard the laugh.

We set up some experiments involving Dictaphones and beam breakers and Jamie, James and I were struck with a terrible foreboding feeling and we had to get out of the tunnels. We couldn’t explain why and Sam was left a little bemused at our actions but we really did get the full on wobbles. Which was great stuff.

It wasn’t long into this vigil before all the other teams decided to join us in the tunnels and at this point the four of us gave up any hope of doing an investigation. As sound travels through the tunnels so easily you do really need exclusive access and for no one to be walking around let alone chatting away very loudly.

The evening rounded off with what seemed to be a booming sound coming from one end of the tunnels. As the team ran down one end the sound would then come from the other. After sitting through this we decided to join in and Sam had the idea that if we split into two groups then maybe we would have a better chance of finding out what was making the sound. Shortly after the sound stopped.

At this point we called it a night and headed out into the daylight blinking as the sun had now risen. It’s hard to describe how dark it is down there, most places your eyes do adjust but not here.

The laugh Sam heard and our inexplicable fear was interesting but other than that we didn’t witness anything paranormal.

I would like to go back one day and do a proper investigation as it is a great site and it has a lot to offer I believe.

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