23rd October 2004

Coalhouse Fort

In East Tilbury is this amazing fort built to defend the Thames and the city of London against invasion originally. I’m not going to go into the history however as that is all available at www.coalhousefort.co.uk but I will tell you a tale of my evening spent with Paranormal Tours back in October of this year.

The investigation began with a ghost walk of the site with The Psychic  our medium for the evening. As usual she was on form and getting lots of information from the energies at the site, which was verified by the staff that worked there. One remarkable thing that stood out was that The Psychic felt there should have been steps to the rear of the site, which the staff said they were not aware of any. Since the visit though they went and had a look and have found a false wall and a set of steps just where The Psychic said they would be. So that was something no one was aware of.

During the ghost walk I was at the back of the line with Nick and we heard what sounded like a shuffling of feet in the corridor behind us. I shone the lamp back down the dark and damp corridor and there was nothing there. It felt like somebody was there and I half expected to see one of the teams coming up the corridor. A little further on the same noises and still no obvious cause. At this point I must add that the Fort is locked via a big metal gate/door and no one can get in or out and the entire group were accounted for. So this was interesting.

Coalhouse FortCoalhouse FortCoalhouse Fort

Also some of the group were complaining of a pain in the right leg at different intervals during the ghost walk and you could see they were clearing having difficulty. The Psychic  was not aware of this as she was at the front but she did soon connect with an energy that had his leg amputated here and she felt he was here with us in the corridor. There was also a Matron figure asking, “What are you doing here?” If she was talking to us or the poor wounded guy it wasn’t clear but still interesting either way as maybe we shouldn’t be there or he shouldn’t be out of bed following us down the corridor.

Halfway down the corridor The Psychic  discovered a very dark and negative energy. What seemed to be a monk, which had earlier ran down the corridor, was clearly being left tortured on the site. I wont go into graphic detail, as I don’t want to give anyone nightmares. This was at a time long before the site was here and the area was fields but he was being punished for something and stating that he was right. We don’t know what about but he was obviously defiant to the end.

The Psychic also picked up on a lot more stuff in the grounds and out houses, which was all, verified by the staff as correct. As always she was not aware where she was going and had no chance to do any research.

We began the vigils shortly after and first off we were down in the tunnels. We split into two groups and took up a post either end of the corridor. The Psychic stayed with one and I with the other. We didn’t pick up on anything our end but we soon heard a couple of shrieks from the other group and it seems someone had paid them a visit. They reported seeing a figure or outline of a figure standing in the doorway so that was a result.

We all regrouped for the rest of the vigil and it seemed at this point my Father decided to join us. The Psychic  was suddenly coming out with a lot of names and information that I just knew it was him. Without thinking I told The Psychic who I felt was coming through and interrupted her and I now know not to interrupt the medium tsch bad Steven. It was nice though to have him along.

The next vigil we were out in one of the courtyards. This was a well-known spot for an orb light show in one of the more active rooms. This is orbs though without the use of a camera but seen with the naked eye. We waited for a while but there was no lightshow that evening. The Psychic and the group carried on round the courtyard but I decided I was going to see if I could pick up anything so stepped back from the group and leant against the wall.

Almost immediately I got a young lad come through who was about 19 years old, very thing with brown eyes and hair. He had a side parting on the left and wore what looked like a blue jacket and trousers. He was painfully thin and looked like he could have done with a good meal inside him. He was up on the rafters above us and was showing me how he tied a rope round his neck and jumped off the side. He then was all smiles and thumbs up which was very bizarre to see. I’m only guessing he was showing me how he went but also wanted to say its okay and he is alright now. Not something you see everyday though. It kept looping the same scene and The Psychic, obviously aware I had found something asked what I was getting. I described what I saw and one of the staff confirmed that he had been picked up on before by previous mediums and visitors in the past. So I was pleased he had made the effort to contact me and also that it could be verified immediately, which is always satisfying.

Coalhouse FortCoalhouse FortCoalhouse Fort

We met up with the other group who had gotten back earlier than us after being chased out of the corridors by something. They all looked quite shaken which is a great buzz on an investigation of this type. There were more vigils and strange noises etc reported by other people and a full report can be found at www.paranormaltours.co.uk.

All in all a great night and I cant recommend the site enough.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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