31st July 2004

Bodelwyddan Castle

We set off at 13:30pm and arrived at the castle at dead on 19:00hrs so we right on time after a 5 1/2 hour drive.

The castle itself has not seen any action along the lines of a traditional castle and was built more for decoration than anything. Though it has a very special past it seems and we were lucky enough to be allowed to spend the night.

The evening began with introductions and we then had the Ghost Walk around the castle grounds and also through specific areas within the castle. A body is said to be buried in the castle wall over 100 years ago one of the guides was saying how the bones were found, blessed and then replaced where they found them in the walls where they remain to this day. We were to investigate that room later that night.

Our historian for the evening was very good and was able to confirm a lot of what The Psychic was saying to be spot on. There were a couple of items that were questioned but you could see where she was coming from, for example an underground tunnel was actually an underground river or stream so it is a passageway of sorts and it is known that it exists. The Psychic also picked up on Tennis Courts in one part of the castle that were long gone and of which no trace survives now. Though when the Castle was used as a School there were indeed courts exactly where she said they would have been.

We proceeded into the castle after visiting the gardens and maze also in the grounds.

The Psychic took us for a tour of the inside of the castle and was able to pick up on a number of energies or spirits that were there. One particular room was the Nannies room where she felt she could see a kettle and the rather over strict Nanny preparing food and looking after the children of the house.

After the tour it was time for the workshop and I had a very interesting experience with The Psychic. With everyone split into groups I was taken into an adjoining corridor for a guided meditation. After a quick rundown of how to stay safe The Psychic began to take me through the various stages of the meditation where she finally left me sitting in front of an open fire place to rest. She left me there whilst she went off to supervise the rest of the teams. Whilst I Was sitting alone in the corridor I was joined by a Victorian Lady in the chair next to me in my meditation and I was also very aware of somebody standing in the corridor with me. I had absolutely no idea who it was or might have been but when The Psychic returned I mentioned this fact and she told me her name was Amelia and she was a relative. Having never heard of an Amelia in the family I took her word for it and thought it was rather cool if my relatives were with me tonight. I mentioned this story to my Mother on my return home however and she dug out a picture of a lady dressed exactly how I saw her with the same features and hair etc. We don’t currently know her name however but we do know it’s my great Grandma or Great great I’m not sure from 1912. So that was very interesting and I was very glad I did it. I have had guided meditation in the past but have yet to meet a relative like that whilst doing it. The Psychic has some ideas why she showed up which I agree with but I wont bore you anymore with this story.

(UPDATE DEC 2004 : During the filming of Most Haunted series 5 they visited this castle after us and David Wells also connected with a victorian Lady named Emelia)


So workshop ticked off we had a run through on the do’s and don’ts for the evening and were then let off to find ourselves some spooks.

The first room we went to was what looked like a classroom with a bed in the corner with a teddy bear tucked in under the sheets.

Chris was a star and set the equipment up and took the readings as we waited for the lights to go out.

With the lights out the room became very quiet for a while whilst we all found our own corner to sit and wait in.

We were shortly joined by David our team guide for the evening who was excellent and had a good knowledge of the castle. Though I did wonder what he made of us all sitting in the dark waiting for something to happen but he really got into the spirit of things, excuse the pun.

In the classroom I got a very sick feeling and in one corner a very strong smell of, for want of a better word, number two’s. I got the name David initially then straight after in very quick rapid repetition I got the name Philip three times in a row.

Moving over to the far corner after David suggested we try it Sam and I both picked up on a name that sounded like Ella. Initially I got Gabriella but the Ella was definitely the more prominent so I dropped the Gabri and went with Ella. I think at this point we had both decided we now had Ella in the room with us and I felt she was holding onto my left leg, the way children do when they are shy. I could definitely feel her and Sam said she has checked the footage and there are lights or orbs by my leg. We tried to get her to give us a sign when David pointed out that she might not speak English. We felt she was from the early 1800s and so agreed this may be the problem. David very kindly obliged and spoke a bit of Welsh for us to Ella.

We didn’t get our sign other than the orbs but Sam and I both got a young girl probably about 6 years old with blond curly hair. So we don’t know what became of her or why she is there but it was a pleasure to meet her all the same. I don’t know who David or Philip were and I wondered maybe if this was there bedroom during Ella’s time in the castle and she was telling us whose room it was as we didn’t feel the presence of any boys or men in that room.

The next Vigil took us to another bedroom which The Psychic had earlier described as the children’s bedroom and she saw a Nanny character preparing food and being quite a strict person.

Nick did some dowsing in here and was getting some definite yes and no response to his questions. I felt the feeling we shouldn’t have shoes on in this room almost like a mother telling you to take your shoes off in the house. I got the name Annabel and what looked like me to be an ostrich or large flightless bird. Not sure what that was meant to symbolise at all. On checking the footage there was an orb travelling from right to left on the bottom of the bed as well. We left the camera locked off and went to the room next door. This was the room I described earlier with the bones or body found in the wall and which were still there. In here I think I can vouch for most of the team when we say there was definitely a presence. I picked up on what I thought was a Victorian gentleman who was either a Doctor or who practiced medicine. I got the name Robert and Sam got the name Elliot. We don’t know if they are the same person i.e. surname and Christian name at this stage.

Nick and David both experienced very heavy drops in temperature in this room so much so that at one point Nicks hairs on his arm were standing on end and were covered in goose bumps, which was quite a site in such a warm house. We measured his temperature and he was a good 3 or 4 degrees lower than the rest of us.

We returned to the Nannies room where I said out loud to the Nanny or Annabel I as I was now calling her. “We are back and wearing shoes in the bedroom, what you going to do about it?” Trying to provoke a response. As I grabbed the tripod and turned I saw very briefly a bright outline of somebody standing in the doorway. The others say they might have seen something or a light but cant be 100% sure.

What was interesting was we went to the dining room next and all sat around the large stately room on the floor with a good distance between us in the pitch black darkness when I was kicked rather sharply on my right foot on the big toe causing my foot to swing outwards. There was nobody near me and nobody owned up to kicking my foot. Was this Annabel, as The Psychic suggested, having a little fun with us? I am hoping one of the team has the moment on tape as it really was quite a kick and I would like to see it happening.

There were lights around the fire in the dining room and a general feeling of not being welcome near the fireplace but other than that the room was okay. I did some dowsing in here and we did pick up on something and Sam got the name Williams which we found out later was the family name who once owned the castle. Baron Williams. So that was a result.

Earlier another team had reported hearing balls being played in the snooker room so we ventured into there next. The balls were not out and on the table were only little wooden signs telling people to stay off. We didn’t pick up on much other than a very feint smell of cigars in here.


It was time to go outside next and David took us to some spots with a very dark past around the castle. I don’t think it would be right to relay the stories on here due to the secrecy of the events. Plus you got to leave a little bit for future investigations…. We had a bit of fun in the maze and discovered a few shortcuts. Unfortunately Geoff’s trousers paid the price of cheating and got a little torn.

We were tipped off that a figure had been seen walking across the Bowling Green before reaching the middle and disappearing into thin air. We went to the centre and through dowsing discovered that a man who had died during the 80’s aged 39 liked to still come here. He didn’t live at the castle but enjoyed bowls. We found out later that a couple of people have passed during the 80’s who were connected with the castle who were around that age. We also discovered though that the green was not erected until 86 so they can only have gotten a few years of bowling in before the end of the decade.

Afterwards we went into the sewing room with The Psychic, by this point we were all pretty much beat and the sun was coming up. The Psychic was drawn to one corner of the room and told us about a young girl who wanted to go and play but she had to sit and learn her sewing.

I meanwhile had left my camera locked off in a sealed room with lots of statues. I caught footsteps in the room and what sounds like the lens cap tapping on the camera. There is also a scratching sound on the microphone as well as the camera seems to move slightly every so often. I am not sure if this is it auto focusing but to my eyes it looks like somebody is moving it slightly left then right. It’s quite abrupt. I am going to recheck the footage and get a 2nd opinion before we post it online.

At 6:30 we had all met back up again and discussed our findings. By this point my brain had been erased as I was starting to feel very tired, as was the rest of the team. We thanked Nick, Andrew and The Psychic for another great night and left the castle.

We would also like to thank the staff at the castle that evening who were great and very welcoming.

The full Paranormal Tours report can be found here

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