31st July 2004

Bodelwyddan Castle

Steven who had kindly decided to drive and Chris turned up at the agreed time of 1:30pm (dam it we just weren’t ready) we were still charging batteries and sorting out equipment as both Sam and I had only just finished work (I ask you who turns up early these days). We finally started the journey nearer to 2pm than everyone had hoped.

We wade our way via the M3 and onto the M25 (big mistake as it is known as the worlds biggest car park) this must have added at least an hour to the journey if not more.

After numerous road works the M6 toll was well worth the £2. It is a nice smooth open motorway with only a few cars and lorries that were willing to pay the toll, this made it a lot less stressful than a normal motorway.

When we entered Wales we first noticed the road signs; were the painters paid by the letter or what? (Sorry if I offend any welsh readers).

We Arrived at approximately 7pm and made our way to the car park. We left our equipment in the car as we had no idea as to where to go and walked up the small hill and headed towards the visitors entrance, The main entranceway was a majestic sight, crenellations atop the walls over heavy portcullis style gates, the towers rising high above that could be seen across the field from the dual carriageway

Andrew one of the Paranormal Tours organizers met us just inside; after confirming where we were to be based we headed back to the car to collect our equipment, next time I think that we will take our equipment with us as it would have saved some walking (even so it was great to stretch our legs).

We all sat around in small groups in the castles tearoom and were introduced to the organizers, the local historian and the medium.

We started the Ghost walk outside the main entrance and the medium immediately started to contact spirit energies and relay gathered information from them (this information was later corroborated back at ‘base’ by the local historian). We then proceeded in a clockwise direction around the exterior of the castle grounds; the medium was drawn to certain locations by energies from the castles spirits. As we passed the entrance to the maze I felt drawn to go in, not from any energies I might add, but from my fascination of mazes.

Alas we didn’t enter the maze (imagine 20 odd people blundering round a maze following a medium into a dead-end then all trying to get back out, that thought kept me chuckling for at least half an hour) we instead continued along the outside of the castle in a clockwise direction still following the medium. After the outside walk we then entered the castle from our ‘base’ the tearoom and proceeded to the main entrance. On the way to the entrance we passed through the picture gallery, even with the entire group there I still felt strange, many of the pictures were watching me with their lifeless eyes, never moving but still looking straight at me. As we continued our way around the interior we went into many different rooms with the medium. One room in particular caught my attention it was described by the medium as the nanny’s room, the air was oppressive and left a few of us short of breath this was one room that I thought would be interesting to come back to.

Bodelwyddan CastleBodelwyddan CastleBodelwyddan Castle

Back at the base we were separated into different groups by the medium who gave us certain spiritual tasks. This did not impress Sam as she was placed in a group with me and two other guys and we had to read cards, our group consisted of three guys who didn’t believe in cards and Sam who is a strong believer in cards. The other thing that she wasn’t impressed with was the fact that the cards we used were ‘Angel’ cards. Steven was sent off (for being a bad boy) to meditate in the hallway he seemed to enjoy it but was a bit worried about the security cameras looking at him.

We joined back with our own groups and were given different locations for vigils, our first was the room on the top floor (the child’s bedroom) I sat on one of the chairs whilst the others examined the room (cased the joint), the only strange phenomena I recorded from that room was the deep rumblings of my stomach. Steven picked up energies of two children one of a boy, “David or Phillip” and a girl “Annabella”. Sam picked up on the spirit of a girl as well. Both of them thought of blond curly hair. Steven received the name Annabella in a blue dress; Sam received the name Isabella. They both agreed on a name ending in “Bella”. Our guide Dave asked some questions for us in welsh as he said that around the period this room was used as a child’s room the child would probably have only spoken welsh.

Our second vigil was in the Nanny’s room on the first floor, in this room I felt nothing of the oppression that I had previously felt. Sam on the other hand had a stabbing pain in her back around her kidney area, which then moved to her stomach and she also felt like her throat was being constricted. Sam’s skin temperature was at least 10°C hotter than others in the room. Steven felt as if he was receiving a message not to wear shoes in the bedroom, he also received the impression of a plume of ostrich feathers. Steven left his camera in this room whilst we all went into the photography room (computer room) on the same floor.

In this room Steven and Sam both had names imposed upon them (Robert and Elliott respectively). These names were found to be the names of a doctor by using crystal dowsing (the dowsing was done by one of the Paranormal Tours team who joined us on our vigil). I was standing in front of an alley that led from the photography room into the painting room when I heard a noise coming from the alley, it was a tapping sound that both myself and our Tours team member heard but we couldn’t find the source.

Our third vigil took us to the dining room and the snooker room Steven set up his camera and sat on the floor with Chris and tried some crystal dowsing, as he sat something forcefully ‘kicked’ his foot, this wasn’t Chris as he was at completely the wrong angle. Sam also caught some strange lights near the fireplace on her digital camera. We left Steven’s camera in the dining room and went into the snooker room. As I was walking around the snooker table I noticed a smell of ash near the fireplace, when I investigated further I determined the smell was not from the fireplace but at least 2′ in front of it and about 4′ from the floor, this was also smelt by others in our group.

Bodelwyddan CastleBodelwyddan CastleBodelwyddan Castle

Our fourth vigil took us outside, I wanted to visit the maze I had seen earlier and since there were no objections we all followed our guide Dave to the maze. The trees that made up the walls were young and reasonably thin so at times you could see other paths through them. Our guide led us deep into the maze and even he took a wrong turn because it was pitch black (the full moon that night was low in the sky and didn’t light the maze very well). We arrived at what Dave said was the centre (which is actually a dead-end) I was convinced that it wasn’t the centre as I had seen a large planter through the trees earlier, I decided to find the planter and took my own shortcut through the trees (it actually looked like part of the path), our guide Dave didn’t seem impressed with my choice of route as he and I ended up on opposite sides of an impenetrable wall of trees.

After our adventure in the maze we moved on around the castle to the car park and the field to the north this is where Sam caught 3 light anomalies in the same photo which our guide told us could have been two children and their nanny who died in a nearby lake, he said they travelled from the castle to the lake regularly. After returning from the car park area we walked back to the tearoom where a security guard told us of some reports of spirits that manifest themselves around the Bowling Green. At the bowling green Sam caught two light anomalies on her camera near to where Chris was standing. Steven dowsed using his crystal and picked up on the energies of a man who lived for 39 years who may have died around the 1980’s; the man however did not live or die on the castle grounds as Steven received two negatives to the questions.

Our last vigil was in the ladies drawing room and the statue room; the medium also joined us for this vigil. Steven set his camera up in the statue room and we all went into the drawing room. The medium sensed some energies coming from a bust in the corner of the room but we didn’t capture anything from the area. After that I sat down in the corner and only then did I feel tired; something kicked my foot, it was Sam as I had fallen asleep and didn’t realize. I thought I had only drifted for maybe a second but apparently I had slept for at least 5 minutes and was snoring.

We left the castle around 7AM I didn’t notice much of the journey home because I was asleep for most of it.

P.S. Please ensure that if you decide to go on a paranormal tour to get plenty of sleep, the day off work and also lots & lots of caffeine.

By Geoff (Dr Jones)

The Paranormal Tours full report can be found here.

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