Ghost Haunted was originally set up in 2003 to be a place to host reports, photos and videos from our many adventures accross the UK. Things have now changed, as they should of course.

There is no small band of paranormal investigators venturing out into the small hours to dark and eerie places anymore. Most of us are now married and have started families so the last thing we are looking for is even less sleep. Also though I think most of us now appreciate if something strange is going to happen it can and will anywhere, we dont have to be sat in a cellar freezing our extremeties off.

Having said that however I am still known to go on the odd adventure when the chance arises and I hope to detail those as and when they come along.

So the plan with Ghost Haunted now is to look back through the last 9 years and try and get some of the material, interesting and fun, back up on the site. As you can imagine we have a lot of video, sounds and pictures that need a home on the web.

Some of the content I hope will be of interest and some of it will just be fun.

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